Saturday, 11 August 2012

Olympic cat goes for gold. Mim goes for throat.

My daughter Meleri is also over visiting with her best friend, So Ruth and I have been totally teenagered. This appears to include a lot of shrugging in response to questions, odd girly perfumey smells, loud internet usage, and singing.
Thurday saw Ruth and I celebrate our wedding anniversay <our 4th, and as its flowers and fruit, we went for a picnic with the girls, atop Bangor mountain, which was sunny, still, and lovely. There were lots of flowers about, and we had some delicious fruit, as well as other tasty victuals. Good times , good times. My wife is excellent, and makes me very proud and happy.
Keri, Meleri, and Ruth.
The card design I made for Ruth.

In a tribute to the worlds olympians, Mr Pie has taken to wearing a laurel crown on his rounds in the garden, and loudly proclaiming his might, just before the sun squashes him. He has so far won gold in the "dirtiest belly" and "most irritating meow" events, and earned a silver in the "eating another animals vomit" category.
The Bradley Wiggins of cats. Cos he's ginger.
Dirty belly, enhanced by sticky buds and  hair clumps. 10 10 10 9.5.
Mystery has a gold in "lounging" and "hunting rug mice", a silver in "mooching cheese from humans", and a bronze in "sitting by the food bowl silently making you feel guilty, even though you have just fed him" We are expecting great things from him in "longest cat", "scariest fang action", "power pooping" and "doubles tennis".
Training for "longest cat"
Power pooping qualifying round.
Mim won the "wrestling a human  finger" contest on a technicality, as one of the Korean cats didn't put in enough effort. She got gold in the "extreme licking" and "making a sound like a drill going through steel, when you are turned upside down, but secretly enjoying it" event. Tomorrow sees " shouting through a closed window to be let in, when you really don't want to be let in", and the eagerly anticipated defence of her "mouse gouging" title. She is also hoping for a place in the finals of "pretending to play, then goring your human"
About to deploy the "extended painful claw"  defense.

Athletic concentration

stretching is important.
More soon! Workshop arrives monday, so that will be interesting :D


  1. I love your cats... am scared to meet them, because i might not return in one piece.

    Reminds me of my cat though, although he thought i betrayed him by going away last weekend for the 2nd Moot!

    Yes, lots of scratching from him when I returned, and it is still going on (although I will put him forward for the "sprint outside, sprint back in due to loud noise"... He gets Gold in that one!

  2. That is a fiercely contested event!

  3. It all depends on what the "loud noise" is... ours is particularly afraid of the "neighbors bin across gravel" sound.

  4. This blog is fab, I love the cats! X


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