Wednesday, 13 June 2012

H2O the enemy of fur.

Well well well. It has been a while. I have finished the business start up course, getting business model sorted, and waiting for my nice  "fixer" to get back from holiday.
My brother Stewart got married to his long suffering finacee, Claire. It was a lovely wedding, made  all the better by my daughter Meleri being there. I managed to scandalise her. I am oficially one of those dads who is totally embarrassing. I consider this a great achievement.also
The fambily Erridge. Like the Waltons, but much tougher.

Whilst we were "daaaaan saaaaaaf" <down south, for those of you  from north of london>, we went to see Steve, Pip, and Caleb - Human servants of Jones and Loki- at their new house <which is lovely>, and visited the cat servants of Jackie cat - Amy and Alan. They have moved down from Bangor recently, and we had to check that their master was looking after their needs. Enclosed is Jackies profile.
Jackie - cat
A.K.A  Toebeard

Appearance: A most regal and majestic blue eyed fluff creature, with luxurious toe beardage, and a beautiful creamy coat, like silk. mother was a cat, father was possibly a dandelion clock, or tribble. His tail is like an ornamental grass. His face is long elegant, and a bit daft.
Demeanor: Cautious and squeaky, until sure of his dominance over humans, by dint of awesome fluffiness. Then he will play, lower himself to accept offerings, and bite wiggled fingers.
Territory: The kingdom of Jackania. Enter at your risk.
You may approach. Stop, that is close enough.

The wet weather has had an effect on the cats. War is sort of suspended......sort of. They have been sleeping on the bed, as the wet weather seems to make them curl up.  Cat scientists maintain that this is due to cats back fur absorbing the rain and expanding faster than their belly fur. The difference in expansion causes them to curl into balls. Then they have no recourse but to sleep.
Mim...forced to sniff her own bum, all due to rain.
Mystery, sadly getting acquainted with his feet
Pie, reduced to an orange ball of snooze.
In the intervening times between downpours, they have been  sun-squashed mightily, dashing only to the window sill when it starts to pour down, and their bodies start to curl.
For the love of the gods, let me in, human slave.
There has been some paffage, and the chasing of grass stalks whilst rolling around. Mim and Pie have even been nose to nose and peeping at each other.. Using cat interpretation skills I deciphered one of their conversations.

Pie "Queen Mim, are you afflicted of rain curl?"
Mim " Quiet  varlet! If the humans hear us they will come and wuzz my belly> this will displease me....outwardly"
Pie "Sir Mystery is asleep upon the quilt plain, we should maybe go and keep an eye on him, unless he takes over"
Mim "I shall give you ten seconds, then I am going to punch you in the face"
Pie "but...but"
Mim *paff*

More soon.