Friday, 11 May 2012

face/paw action! Sentry cat watches.

Peaceful coalition? Truce? Or hoping the queen of pain doesn't spot them?

Well folks, the war has resumed, after several weeks of truce <the truce may have been due to the unseasonal rain, as cats can't fight in scuba gear>.  Today was sunny! And as a result the feline megalomaniacs have been out trying to own each other. Well, by "feline megalomaniacs" I actually just mean Mim. Her trick today, I observed whilst getting the mud off of my tent in the garden. She sits on the roof, like queen of the world, or possibly a scarily large Meer cat, and when opportunity presents its self , she dashes down and paffs her foe into insensitivity.
Boldly she watches for her prey.
.....The she gets a target lock
Then she ends you.

Do not be fooled by the fluffy picture of perfect pinky toeness! she can deliver a paff to another cat that sends them boss eyed with angst and pain, and  can make a cute slapping noise on a human. Pray she does not employ her razor claws.

Mystery seems to be less than totally impressed by the antics of the fluff tailed ninja, and spent most of the day asleep on our neighbours roof. He was out of the way enough to avoid a direct assault, and was still enough that  the flat eyed dervish probably thought he was a rock or some such. I personally think he is biding his time, and waiting for Mim to slip up, as she will no doubt do one day. Then he will mess her up.
A picture of sun and patient retribution
Poor old Pie decided to run out of the back door and met mim coming the other way, this resulted in a paff war of truly epic proportions. I watched and sang the star trek fight music, as both cats sat on their back legs and did jazz hands at each other, teeny white paws flailing, whiskers getting bent, and face fur rumpled. Truly it was a sight to behold.  Mim ran off into the underbrush, whilst Poor old pie limped into the house and put on his tin foil battle helmet, before  breaking wind, and falling asleep on the sofa.
send my mothership nao!
No more bits of wildlife have been  slaughtered in the past couple of days, so I am guessing Mim has finished her prayers to her dark gods, and they have blessed her spring offensive. You have been warned.
Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we met cathulhu?

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